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Heats your home plus all

the hot water you need!


This unit will be able to function

in a hydronic heating system

as well as providing hot water

for showers etc.






OM-180 Water Heater
Ignition: High Voltage Discharge Spark
Fuel Type: No. 2 Fuel Oil [Typical Home Heating Oil] or No.1 Fuel Oil (ASTM D396)
Efficiency: 90%
Heat Rating: 148,000 BTU/h
Fuel Consumption: 0.87 gal./h
Fuel System: Oil tank
Maximum Hot Water Tempereature: 180 F (approximately)
Water Flow Rate/ Temperature Rise:

5.1 gal./min (40 F rise)
4.0 gal./min (50 F rise)
3.3 gal./min (60 F rise)
2.9 gal./min (70 F rise)
2.5 gal./min (80 F rise)

Capacity of Heat Exchanger: 4.2 gal
Dimensions (W x H x D): 12-5/8" x 27-3/4" x 22-1/2"
Weight: 81 lbs. (Empty)
Vent Pipe Hole: 4-3/4" (Diameter)

Maximum Length of Flue Vent Pipe System:

10 ft., 3 bends of less
Electrical Rating: 120Volts AC. 60 Hz
Ignition:120 Watts
Burning: 98 Watts
Required Accessories: In-line fuel filter
Temp & pressure relief valve
Flue pipe installation kit or
Chimney installation adapter kit
Safety Devices: Over-heat protecter
Ignition safety device
Empty burning protective device
Heat exchanger bi-metal switch
Temperature fuse, Fusible link valve


Installation manual

Download OM-180 Installation Manual


Application drawings (PDF)

Forced Air Heat & On Demand Hot Water

Download File

Forced Air Heat & On Demand Hot Water (plate exchanger)

Floor Heat & On Demand Hot Water

Download File


Qualified tradespersons can contact us for service manuals



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